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Digital Copiers Can Do

Copiers have been around in companies since the 1950s, and they are still around today. They are an important part of the office; the only difference now is that newer models come with a lot of options. Through the years, digital copiers have branched out; even inkjets were made for small scale printing, scanning, and copying. 

Although a lot of people, especially small businesses, prefer inkjets because they are smaller, cheaper and suitable for them, there are features that digital copiers have that you can’t enjoy with inkjets and one of them is having smartphone commands. 

Whether you are writing a report, a letter, or creating a presentation, using a computer gives you the ability to make perfect content and present it the way that you want it to. Wireless printing technology can immediately transfer the material from the computer straight to print with a few clicks. 

Tablets and smartphones offer users great mobility, so you do not need to be stuck to a desktop. Printing your materials still requires a printer, but having the ability to print through smartphone commands make it easier and faster. 

Printing from your tablet or smartphone gives you the chance to save time downloading your materials that are created away from your office or home straight to your computer for printing. This feature allows you to print from any wireless printer through a network connection. 

Wireless printing from a tablet or smartphone means that you need to get the device to connect with your network. For you to do this, you need to know what kind of network you are using. Most small offices and homes use a simple local area network or LAN that includes printers and computers. You need to have a wireless network to activate wireless printing features from your phone. 

Connect your tablet or smartphone to the network by using the setup option found in the device. The connection process depends on the device, but connecting it is simple. Set your device to Wifi mode, and it will immediately search for an existing network. Once it’s connected to a network, you can print your materials through a wireless connection by selecting the network printer from the print application; then you can choose the print command. 

Not all tablets and smartphones are equipped with applications for wireless printing, but there are downloadable applications available. To get this application, you can go to the app store on your tablet or mobile device. Once it is installed, you can start it up on your phone and use it to send the print commands to the printer. 

Most tablets and smartphones have printing capabilities that are ready to use, but some older models may need installation of applications to allow interfacing with a printer. Some printer manufacturer’s websites will have applications that are available for download. 

Digital Copiers Can Do

There is no additional cost in printing your materials from your tablet or smartphone. New models of smartphones and tablets come with wireless networking software, and the printing applications are available from manufacturers for free. There may be a small cost if you have to get a third-party application.

These are just some features that you can enjoy in a multifunctional copier, and they are not available for inkjets. Inkjets are made for small businesses and home use, thus limiting their features even with the release of new models. 


Out of all the new features that are added on digital copiers, wireless printing is the most useful. It allows you to expand the overall functionality of your devices. You can print and create content on your device just as you would on a computer. Wireless printing from tablets and smartphones is easy and fast after the installation, and it allows you to create hard copies of your documents anywhere. 

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