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Things You Need To Check In Copier Maintenance Contracts

So you are about to purchase your own copier, and now looking for information regarding how contracts between you and your provider should go about. Agreement between two parties, in this case between you and your chosen contractor, is important and therefore should be put into writing and be certified legally. What are the components and clauses of agreements such as the copier maintenance contract? To what extent should you be knowledgeable in order to be confident that you will receive appropriate services from your provider? You need to research more about this before signing anything, especially if this is not your field of expertise.

Checklist Before Agreeing To Copier Maintenance ContractsChecklist Before Agreeing To Copier Maintenance Contracts

Just a little disclaimer, not all copier service contracts are the same. Every detail under the clauses should be communicated well and agreed upon by both parties. It should be comprehensive and strictly followed during the implementation of the contract. Also, all of the people and companies involved should be there, even the third-party companies. 

The first thing that you should check in the service contract is the expected copy and print volume. You should assess if the amount of load that the copier can accommodate is just about the right to service everyone that will be using it. Consider every possibility that may happen in the future. You might need more printed or copied files in a certain period of time for an event or you may be planning to expand the company. Take these all into consideration. If you’re not sure, don’t set higher estimates. You might be paying more than you need to. 

Things You Need To Check In Copier Maintenance Contracts

When all of these are settled, decide the best dates for billing. It could be monthly, quarterly, or annually. Check if the schedule for regular performance check-ups is indicated there as well. A technician should do some proactive maintenance visits to assess the status of your acquired copier machine and give some recommendations on how to properly handle them for long-lasting functionality. See to it that the contract includes the cost of supplies and labour fees if there’s a sudden malfunctioning of the copier machine and at what expense will the consumables such as toner and ink be supplied. 

Whatever the agenda is, be it copier leasing or repair and maintenance, make sure that the copier dealer that you’re having a business relationship with is trustworthy and competitive. You can always choose the best of them all by weighing the most appropriate copier based on your preference, need, and demand.

The typical copier service contract

According to most user companies, copier service providers usually charge monthly with some additional fees. The fees they collect depend on the frequency of usage. Of course, if you use them for heavy loads every day, it would require more consumables and possible repairs. Just like mobile phone contracts, there are different pricing categories to choose from, ranging from very low fees with limited copy limits and higher fees with unlimited copier usage.

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