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Brother MFC-J6545DW vs. Toshiba e-STUDIO8515A

With how fast technology develops, many new devices are showcased on the market. This will make you think twice about which machine you should buy for your business that can help you provide a better working environment for everyone at the office without having to worry about spending too much or going above your target budget. Finding the right printer would be an excellent asset for your company to help you achieve many things to reach your goal and bring your company to new heights. In choosing your equipment, you must always make sure that they fit the need and standards that you set for there to be no regrets in the long run.

Brother MFC-J6545DW

One of the most used supplies in the office is the ink for your printer, so having a good service provider that could give you a one-year supply is a big advantage. Brother MFC-J6545DW offers this kind of deal with their printer gauge that can give you a numerical estimate of how much ink you have used during printing and how much more ink is available for use so that you won’t get a big shock that you have already used up all the ink. You would need to have an emergency in your office not knowing whether you still have stocked ink for your printer, making the workflow halt that might end up affecting the production of your company or business. With this gauge, you can immediately anticipate checking the supplies in stock for future use. 

This machine is also very versatile for paper handling, so you can be assured that your product will be increased compared to your usual production activity. It also has an automatic feeder for your documents that you can use for copying, scanning, or even faxing multi-page documents to help you save time and use them for other important matters. You can print your documents wireless while using your phone or computer.

Brother MFC-J6545DW vs. Toshiba e-STUDIO8515A

Toshiba e-STUDIO8515A

Are you looking for another good printer? Check out Toshiba e-STUDIO8515A and its lovely features that might suit your need for a printer. This machine can print 720K pages in a month and has the fastest printing speed compared to other similar machines because of its high output and set features, and its price also matches the equipment that might be a bit pricey, so you might end up leasing the equipment. 

Since small businesses rely on a fast flow of documents that needs to be consistent, this printer would be a very good investment for you. The printer also has a mobile app called eConnect TouchFree that lets users operate e-STUDIO machines without touching the equipment while controlling it using their phone because it shows the same interface as the machine on your handheld device. With this feature, you are helping to promote a sanitary and very flexible environment for everyone inside the office.

A good printer will always be a big advantage and an asset for the company if it can do its duty based on your needed workload, regardless of its price. It can be a good help in keeping up with your deadlines and help in increasing your production within a certain period. 

Suppose you are looking for the right printing machine to buy. You can always ask questions. The properly trained staff would give the answers that can help you decide which machine would suit your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact the nearest service provider in your area to help your business reach new heights.


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