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Which Makes Better Copies? Copier vs. Inkjet

If you are starting a business, or you have a small business that is still investing in pieces of equipment that can help your productivity, you may have thought about getting a printer. The question now is, which is better? A copier or an inkjet? 

A lot of customers have asked these questions, especially business owners. The biggest difference between inkjet and copier that you need to take note of is that inkjet use ink and it is best for low volume printing, and it is the choice of those who want to print at home, have an office at home or those who manage a small business. Copiers, on the other hand, use toners, and it is best for high volume printing, and it is mostly used in office settings and establishments with hundreds of employees. 

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Whether or not you need an inkjet or a copier would depend on what you print, how often you print, how much your printing budget is, and how clear you want the print to be. Inkjet are cheaper, smaller and they can print both text-based documents and high-quality images. But you do not be blinded by how cheap inkjet are compared to copiers, because their maintenance cost can cost you more in the long run. 

Copiers, on the other hand, maybe expensive to buy upfront and they use expensive toner cartridges, but they still offer an overall lower cost per page, faster print speeds and they typically involve a lower total cost of ownership. 

If you are looking for a home printer for occasional printing, most people would tell you to get an inkjet. However, the common complaint with inkjet is that the ink dries up if you do not use them. With that said, if you have the money for it, it is better to get an affordably priced copier; instead, the toner used by copiers do not dry up. 

But if you will be printing a small volume of documents and coloured images on a regular basis, inkjet will get the task done. Copiers are known to be more durable, and they can print large quantities of black and white and coloured documents frequently. Though copiers were originally built for office use, they are now growing in popularity as a home printer for economic reasons. 

As for coloured prints, copiers are good for everyday colour printing, but if you are looking to print high-resolution pictures, you can go with an inkjet. 

High-quality inkjet are engineered to make vividly detailed photos with the tonal variety and deeper blacks that creatives and photographers need. A lot of professional inkjet use pigment-based ink which is more fade-resistant and works with a wide variety of art paper types as well as a range of paper sizes, but you can also find dye-based inkjet if you do not require the longevity of pigment ink. 

Basically, if you need to print vivid exhibit-quality photos, you can get an inkjet that produces high-resolution images. If you need a reliable printer that can keep printing sharp documents, a copier is what you need. 

The most common perception is that inkjet are better with coloured images and copiers are best for black and white text. The technology behind the two equipment also determines the limitations that they have when it comes to the quality of their print results. This difference shows itself more noticeable when printing high-resolution professional photographs.

Advancements in technology have allowed copiers to produce incredible coloured photos now too. Although inkjet are known for producing high-resolution photos, copiers are now an option to consider if you are looking to print coloured photos while enjoying the endurance, reliability and economic benefits of a copier. 

If you are looking for equipment that will help you with your tasks, overall, a copier is better. If you are not in a position to purchase the latest copier, you can always lease one. There are a lot of leasing companies that offer the latest copier at a very reasonable rate with great payment options.