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Review Of Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i II

Canon makes amazing digital imaging solutions that are perfect for all users, small and medium-sized businesses, and manufacturers, from color copiers, cameras, camcorders, and projectors. It also offers a lot of options for color copiers, especially options that are high-end and that may be the best fit for a business. The ImageRunner Advance C5535i II is a high-end color copier that any small or medium-sized business can benefit from. It also offers quality image production without sacrificing speed, so your business can get work done.

Canon C5535i II offers digital imaging solutions targeted to consumers, small- and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Its products range from color copiers and cameras to camcorders and projectors. It offers many options for color copiers, especially high-end options that may be ideal for a larger business or enterprise.

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The Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i II is a MFP or multifunction printer that is made with numerous high-end features built to create more workflow and cost efficiencies in businesses. The users can print, copy, scan and send documents from one device and it also allows you to fax.

The copier prints and copies at 35 pages per minute in both color and black and white and color. The standard paper capacity of this copier is 1,200 sheets, but you can increase this to more than 3,000 sheets by using the copier’s external tray. The Canon copier takes only 10 seconds to warm up after it has been shut off completely or after it is awoken from sleep mode.

Businesses can customize the 5535i II. Canon’s website has a known configuration tool that can help you choose the different copier accessories like a high-capacity feeding tray, a booklet finisher, a printer for barcodes and more so this printer suits your every business need. 

The C5535i’s touchscreen measures 10 X 7 inches. It works much like a smartphone. Users have the option to customize their touchscreen experience. You can also connect directly to cloud services like Google Drive or Box. Users can easily search for files, scan or print them, or convert them as needed.

The Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i is packed with numerous security features perfect for businesses that are required to protect confidential information. The security settings for the C5535i are all protected by a password and your IT department has the power to control the settings of the printer from a central location. As an added security measure, businesses can set up the printer so that users can only access it using a PIN code, a badge reader, password or a picture login.

One of the most notable benefits of the Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i is its ability to help you control and keep track of the costs. The machine can track usage, allocate print and copy costs to specific departments or even limit access if over usage is detected. This helps streamline costs and prevent excessive copying. Your company’s accounting teams can create a comprehensive usage report so you can track the latest numbers.

As for the scanning and faxing, the color scanning function allows for sending scans to multiple destinations, such as email, SMB, and mailbox. The copier also supports file formats, such as TIFF, JPEG, and compact and searchable PDF files. Optional formats include encrypted PDF and PDF with a digital signature. LDAP is also supported.

The copier includes document storage functionality with a maximum of 100 user in-boxes that includes a capacity of 30,000 pages stored. The Advanced Box mailbox and storage system allows users to store work in an expanded number of shared boxes on a hard drive. It also allows users anywhere on the network to store files created on their PCs and is accessible and subject to authentication. The optional faxing feature uses a 33.6 kbps modem with JBIG compression and up to 30,000 pages in fax memory.