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Print Assessment: What Is It And What Are The Benefits

As a business owner, you are always looking for the best ways to improve business productivity without spending a lot. You may probably have encountered the term “print assessment.”

Most professionals would recommend you try print assessments to achieve business goals without spending a lot. This post will learn the meaning of print assessment and how it will benefit your business.

Read on to know further.

Defining Print Assessment

As its name suggests, it is a process of evaluating the current printing situation of your machine. It is all about examining the type of device you have, its overall black and white count and color count, users who have the most printing volume, and many more.

One of the good things about investing in a print assessment is that it is not tedious on your part. Aside from that, most business providers offer print assessments at a very meager cost.

The benefits you can get from having a print assessment are endless. Some of these advantages are the following:

Identify Opportunities for Process Improvement

You can discover important information through print assessment that leads to inefficient office productivity and adds to overhead costs. Through this, you can determine which part of your printing process requires more attention and improvement.

Understand Costs

Business printing requires a lot of money. There is no exact printing cost you will need to pay when using a specific type of printer. But in most cases, an average printer may cost 20 cents in printing a single document. Your printing demand would cost around 3% of your overall business revenue using this data. With print assessment, you will determine why you spend money and where it goes.

Understand Your Print Environment Better

If this is your first time owning any printer, chances are you still don’t understand your print environment. A print assessment will help you better understand every aspect that composes your print environment, including IT costs and input, cloud servers, total devices on the network, and more.

When you better understand your print environment, you can quickly determine which part requires improvement and areas where typical problems occur.

Optimise Print Per Office

Different offices and organisations have diverse printing demands and needs. A lot of them have their printing machine. In most cases, companies usually create specific printer decisions or even install their printing technologies and decisions.

With print assessment, you will know specific printers ideal for each individual. Aside from that, you can also get reports on how your employees navigate the office printer. Through this, you can decide whether implementing a universal print standard is a good idea.

For instance, it is easy to assume that IT departments have higher print needs than the HR department. The good thing about it is that it will help you determine the exact print needs required by each department.  


There are several print solutions available. But one of the most popular is print assessment. If you lease your printer or copier, your provider will offer you a free print assessment service. To conclude, a print assessment is a service that includes user assessment, print needs evaluation, and hardware review.

You can get several benefits when you avail of a print assessment service. And some of those were mentioned above.

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