Leasing a printer: Introducing Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Once you reach this page you must  be considering to lease a printer or avail copier leasing services. With the available number of copier leasing in New York, you must prepare a list where to avail a copier lease. Setting aside the idea of purchasing your office printer and settling on a  copier lease. You will have to set yourself with knowledge acquainted with your plan.

Leasing and its costs

Copier leasing is an expense for your business. Choosing a lease for copier machines requires businesses to assign monthly payments. In line with the term of the lease agreement. It’s considered a liability that needs to be paid on a regular basis. Thus, it should be  recorded for the accuracy of bookkeeping and tax records. Copier leasing can be a short term or long term liabilities. It is considered as notes payable for your business.

What is a Managed Print Service (MPS)

Managed Print Service (MPS) is a business offered by companies whose specialties are the management of printing devices. These devices may include printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines. Selected businesses preferred managed print services in monitoring both their printer and maintenance. With a managed print device, a business will benefit in reduction of environmental waste. The efficiency increases as MPS reduces papers and toxic waste of a copier.

Inclusions of Managed Print Services

There are different elements included in the managed print services package. One of the default inclusions when signing a MPS contract is the machine servicing with engineer call outs. As a business owner or manager, you will not have the hassle of looking for a technician to repair your printer when it breaks down. An engineer will be able to address the needs in repairing your printer. The engineer will also decide which part needs replacement and get back to its work. Not all but some may offer an arrangement including the ink and toner. Some also offer packages comprising the monitoring and management of the toner. They also offer recycling of empty cartridges. A good managed print service will  provide you with a user manual and support. This will help you understand the inclusions of the copier for your business.

Costs of Managed Print Services

When talking about how much money and worries an MPS may bring, here are some things that you still need to be aware of. Starting with the knowledge about the three basic ways of billing for MPS. These are the cost based on copy, cost based on development and cost based on color.

  • Cost Based on Copy

If there is a standard billing for managed print services, it would be based on the production of copies. The rate of copy depends on different elements. Toner, engineering services, user support and others affect the price. Charges depend on ink color, size of paper and duplicity of printing.

  • Cost Based on Development

With the four fundamental colors involved in the digital printing process. Black, magenta, yellow and cyan, the charges depend on the amount of colors used. This method of billing costs is usually more effective when there is only one color involved.

  • Cost Based on Color

This billing is quite similar with cost based on development. The distinction is that the charges here depend on the percentage of color used on a page.

Availing copier leasing services usually come with managed printer service. Choosing a managed printer service is the same as choosing copier lease companies. There are varieties of these which might include copier leasing services in Chicago in the top list.