Why Should You Lease Office Printer?

Whether you need a multi-function laser printer that functions as a photocopier, scanner, and fax machine, printing equipment can represent a huge expense for any business. Leasing copier in Chicago instead of purchasing can assist allocate your capital to other aspects of the business and still acquire the equipment needed to maintain a competitive advantage against others. Since lease terms come with maintenance and repair services, this option could also make equipment handling simpler.

Own Up-to-date Equipment

Since device leases run for a period of many months, after which you usually return the equipment to the renting company, you can plan your lease term structure in a way that comes with a replacement feature. Depending on the mastery level of the staff members who will operate the equipment, the volume it prints, as well as, the possibility of it being outdated by newer units, you can prepare ahead for a brand-new technology and avoid falling behind conveniences and improvements in office equipment features.

Manage a Fixed-Rate Expense

Leasing results to a fixed tax-deductible rate that is able to avoid the requirement for intricate depreciation schedules. Though taking out a purchase rate as a lump sum might help you offset profits, it can produce a potentially unequal financial circumstance, depending upon how you schedule your payments. By comparison, lease payments end up being a monthly part of your overhead expenses. Just remember that a lease structure that provides a buyout option at a reduced rate at the end of the lease term might go through real estate tax, depending on how your local and state government have structured the taxation laws.

Allocate Working Capital To Other Business Aspects

When you lease a printing machine instead of buying it outright, you are avoiding the possibly large outright expense of device purchase. If you finance your acquisition with a bank loan, you’ll be requested for a 10 to 20 percent down payment. A lease may specify payment of the first and last month’s’ installments prior to its commencement. Preserving your business’ capital enables you to dedicate your money to other requirements, such as staff growth programs. Choosing a long-term lease may reduce monthly payments compared with the actual cost of ownership.

Leasing a printing machine can allow you to roll the cost of supplies, maintenance, and repair services to the month-to-month office payments. Depending upon the brand and model you choose, you might be able to secure a service agreement that includes toner or ink all for a fixed number of outputs each month or quarter, and will only charge you for extra supplies that went beyond the agreed quantity. This lease structure turns both your devices and your supply payments into a fixed expense for which you can organize and manage your spending plan more efficiently.

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