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How Can Copier Lease Help Manage Finances?

Copier Lease Help Manage Finances

A lot of startup businesses use the local copy center to make copies of documents and other papers. While this can be a great way to get started, it is not a good way to grow as a business. The time that it takes to get copies are high, plus the cost of the copies themselves can be expensive, and it makes going to the copy shop tiring and time-consuming. There are a lot of advantages in having a copier on the premises of your workplace, such as:

Cost Per Copy

The copy center probably leases its copiers from those you could lease them from. In other words, the copy center is marking up its copies to pay for its copiers. You can cut costs per copy by leasing your own copier. Check with Copier Service in Chicago


Look at the main reason that you usually need copies. If that the reason is you need to send clients duplicates of documents or you need to distribute marketing materials, you know time is of the essence. Waiting for the copy clerk to get to your order at the copy store can hurt your credibility by causing delays in the delivery of copies. 


A lot of offices have moved to a centralized copy machine arrangement. With one or more copiers centrally located, numerous employees can access them. You get more use out of your copiers and you can improve your efficiency by making copy services available to all departments in your company.  

Backup Copiers

You have to consider what will happen to your business if your copier breaks down and needs repairs. When this happens, you can just go back to your local copy center in the meantime. Once your copier is repaired, you will be back to savings and efficiency, immediately.

Energy Efficiency

You can save a tremendous amount of energy with copiers, especially the new ones. Lower energy costs have numerous benefits, and some of them are having the ability to save money and using a device that is good for the environment. 

Supplies Efficiency

More efficient toner usage and more paper options all mean that you get significant savings. Print more in-house with paper options, thus saving you the cost of using another local copier shop. 

Inexpensive Ownership

With the savings in toner, energy, and supplies, newer copiers cost less to maintain over time. Generally, it will lower your overall cost of ownership when it is amortized across these areas. 

Software Compatibility

More modern technology in updated business copiers can connect to faster and more intuitive software programs in computers. Copying and printing are faster and can be more connected to any workflow, which will save you and your employees a great deal of time and money. 

One way to get copiers that you have always wanted is through copier leasing. Copier leasing will give you the opportunity to look for the perfect copier for your business. You can contact our local copier leasing services for more details.

Why should you lease your copier?

Leasing a copier can relieve you of your budgeting concerns.

Instead of making one massive payment at the time of purchase, you can lease a copier and establish a set of schedules of smaller payments, enabling you to better arrange your financial resources. You may even choose the length and the terms of your lease arrangements to get the most flexible payment terms. Changes in the interest rates also do not affect the established payment amounts. 

Copiers depreciate over time. 

Losing copier value because of use and constant introduction of new and better technology can be a hassle if you buy a copier upfront. If your business buys a copier, you can only upgrade in technology by investing in another machine. Also, buying it outright means getting rid of the previous model when the time comes. Definitely, this will add up to your expenditures. 

Most copier lease agreements have numerous options to upgrade the copier at a specific date. These types of lease arrangements will enable your business to always be in line with the newest technology. You can avoid obsolescence, no doubt, which means you are more cost-efficient since newer machines have lower per-page costs. Efficiency means that you can increase your profit and you can have a greater return on your lease investment.

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