Why Printer Centralization Is Necessary In Offices?

Printer Centralization Is Necessary In Offices

Are you tired of seeing your employees wandering around the office, figuring out which printer has their copies? The best strategy to solve this is to centralize the office copiers.

Centralization makes sense rather than buying more machines to provide for each department. You can contact a printer scanner copier fax Chicago and IT Services in Chicago specialists to network them together and teach you all possible troubleshooting techniques.

What happens with centralization?

The whole process will not only allow you to consolidate your printers and drivers. It will also allow you to lower the instances of mistakes.

The system used in centralized printing has features that are beneficial to productivity. It provides tracking and quantifying functions like the activity of each printer, the users, and the number of printing jobs done. Using this data, you will be able to establish a report on which department is using it more than the others. If you do a monthly report, you see a significant cut on costs regarding printing supplies.

What are the advantages of a centralized printer?

Although it looks only beneficial to the company’s admin department, it has advantages to the users, as well. Imagine this; employees do not have to get assistance from the service desk for printer installations anymore. They will be able to perform with just the easy-to-follow steps in a self-service portal. For confidential printing jobs, users can assign a specific printer to ensure privacy and security.

It impacts productivity.

Each time that an employee leaves his desk to grab his copies from the printer, there is a 98% chance of him spending more time chatting with a coworker. The likelihood of them discussing any topics within work is just 28%. Without a doubt, it will also impact those employees within hearing distance, bringing a negative impact on productivity.

It promotes socialization.

The harmonious relationship within the office boosts productivity, mostly developed and kept stable through exchanges of short greetings. It is a different picture altogether if they linger beside the machines and engage in a conversation. According to a survey, 61% of employees usually do this at the printers, while only about 31% take more time at water stations for a chat.

It lacks convenience.

The idea looks great, but if an employee’s desk is too far from the printer, they might end up doing tasks that do not need any printing, or they stay away from printing altogether. There’s also the chance of them forgetting their copies on the machine unattended.

It becomes a necessary device.

There will be no need to purchase multiple machines from experts of printer scanner copier fax Chicago to accommodate each department with their printing needs. It is like providing an essential tool throughout the office which anyone can conveniently use.

Switching to centralized printing eliminates the printing issues encountered when a host server fails. It resolves availability problems, also like any of the printers, can be used. It could work wonders in theory and will only bring different results when put to practice.

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