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Is my copier eco-friendly?

copier eco-friendly

The importance of an eco-friendly copier is prevalent now more than ever.

More eco-friendly businesses reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment. Review your current printing environment and identify the differences you need to enhance. Do your copiers minimize energy consumption? Are they able to steal power? Do you recycle paper or use recycled ink or remanufactured toner? 

Go green in printing

The importance of eco-friendly copiers becomes apparent due to the harmful waste products. Electronic waste contains chemicals and toxins that are harmful to the environment.

Many businesses choose to work in an environmentally friendly manner. Paper use contributes to air pollution, but ink cartridges often contaminate water resources. In a majority of cartridges, most of the toxic chemicals end up in landfills.

Eco-friendly copier and paper

Companies can look into using eco-friendly copiers and ink cartridges. Eco-friendly copiers for business are also cost-effective. You spend less time replacing toner and cartridges. The refilling process is more efficient than an ordinary copier.

Recycled paper

Paper production releases chemicals and other pollutants into the water. Paper releases 25 times more methane than carbon dioxide in its decomposition process.

Recycled paper makes for less waste. Carbon emissions are also offset when producing paper from recycled material. Another approach involves creating a piece of wood, grass, or agricultural waste.

Companies can opt to use recycled paper or eco-friendly paper to reduce pollution. 

Why is eco-friendly copier lease significant?

The top advantage of leasing an eco-friendly copier include:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Save on energy costs.
  • Increase equipment reliability.
  • Increase equipment lifespan.
  • Save money on paper costs.

Copier lease and purchasing a new eco-friendly copier is way different. In a copier lease

The primary purpose of eco-friendly copier leasing intends to save the business money. There are lots of copier leasing services available in the market today. 

Copier leasing in Chicago offers the best copier in town. You can choose from a wide variety of trusted brands of copiers. The copiers that use the latest technology ensure that it is eco-friendly. 

Copier leasing services in Chicago are always open to upgrade your copier. This is to ensure you got the advantage of the latest feature copier to improve efficiency. 

You get the best maintenance service and a regular supply of toner and other consumables. You won’t suffer from any downtime caused by a lack of equipment, supplies, or other items.

The benefits of a copier leasing in Chicago.

  • You might need a short period to use a copier. In Clear Choice Technical Services, you can lease a copier without contracts. You also get toner and excellent technical support.
  • You can control your finances. You know your specified monthly costs and your lease for a limited time.
  • Leasing expenses can be debited from taxes as a business expense.
  • Provides you with the professional technical support that includes:
  • Technicians are on time.
  • Technicians are always available when you need them.
  • Free maintenance for 12 months.
  • Excellent support that responds quickly to queries.


Having an eco-friendly copier is a must to protect the environment. You do not only save nature; you also save your business finances. 

Eco-friendly copiers are also efficient in delivering quality printing services to your company. Select an eco-friendly copier, or you can find a refurbished one. In this case, you limit the waste of the environment. 

Some leasing services have refurbished copiers that you can use. The leasing services will provide you with the maintenance and upgrading of the copier. 

Many copier leasing services in Chicago provide copiers suitable for your office. Choose the best brand for you. Call now and experience their one-of-a-kind services.