Sharp Digital Copier

Digital copiers are used in many offices today because of the convenience of an all in one workcenter. These digital copiers contain several functions such as copying, printing, faxing, and scanning of documents and pictures. This is a great money saving factor for any business as they can easily buy just one piece of equipment rather than several.

In order for the digital copier to continue producing quality documents regular maintenance must be completed on a regular basis. Some of the maintenance that digital copiers require are not really projects that need to be completed, but have to do with the actual operation of the copier itself.

Let It Breathe

Digital copiers need to have room to cool off in order for it to operate in a correct manner. Positioning of the digital copier should be in an open area that is free of any obstructions. Each of the sides should be accessible without having it closed in. This will allow the heat to dissipate easily and not stay contained within the copier. After several hundred copies, the copier can easily overheat if not properly positioned so it can “breathe”.

Another reason to make sure the digital copier has plenty of room around it is to that the dust from the paper will be able to dissipate rather than stay inside the copier. This dust can fog up sensors, clog up gears, and wreak havoc in the internal parts of the copier.

Lean Insides Often

Besides letting the copier breathe, owners should keep to a regular cleaning schedule in order to keep the internal parts working efficiently. Once month owners can use some compressed air to blow out any dust, dirt, and other particles from the inside of the copier. Glass cleaner can also be used to clean the flat bed, and internal parts. Use a soft cloth to wipe off the cleaner, and dirt, for a much cleaner, better working copier.

Have One Person Working on Copier

In a small business environment it is important that only one person has the task of cleaning, maintaining, and keeping the copier working properly. This will stop many problems as people try to fix things themselves. This person should also go through some training from the retailer, or manufacturer, so they will know how to handle different situations.

Remove Paper Jams Easily

Paper jams can be frustrating when there is a lot of copying that must be done. In an effort to get back to work quickly people will rip out the paper to clear the jam. This can actually cause more damage to the digital copier which results in more jams or other problems. Remove the paper gently and in the natural flow of the paper if possible.

Keep Power On

Most digital copiers today have a power standby that allows the printer to stay on, but not in operating mode. This standby mode is important to the overall health of the copier as it allows the internal cooling fan to still operate after large jobs without actually turning completely off. This will save the internal parts from overheating and failing.